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For those of you movie and TV series lovers and collectors of exquisite taste, for Zorro fans and swashbuckling era friends, for super hero movie collectors, for fans of that magical period of the 60s when many Italian studio historical and adventure movies were released and went subsequently out of circulation, being now impossible to find, this is your list.

After many years of research we have compiled a collection of rare movies and TV series with your favorite heroes and we invite you to share this great experience with us.

Whether you want to re-live those great moments of your youth and watch again movies and TV shows that are now out of circulation or whether you are a collector of Zorro, the Mod Squad, the High Chaparral or other great movies and TV shows, you can find in our list all you need and cannot get elsewhere in the world.

All our shows can be converted by us from VHS into range-free DVDs which can be played by DVD players of EVERY zone.

We encourage you to go through all our titles and feel free to contact us regarding this list or any other information you may need at


We will continuously be adding more titles to our list and accepting new additions to our collection, so check back with us often and don't hesitate to contact us if you think you can contribute through trading, selling etc.!