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87.	Captain Phantom (1953 Frank Latimore) Captain Phantom (1953 Frank Latimore)

Original title: "Capitan Fantasma". This film, almost impossible to locate, was considered by many to be the Holy Grail of costume swashbucklers.  In the early 1800's, the Spanish regiments are celebrating their victory over the French Legions of Bonaparte. In the midst of the celebration, Miguel (Frank Latimore), Duke of Canabil, is given the news that his father, Admiral of the Spanish Navy, has betrayed the crown of Spain. The stunned Miguel takes a blood oath to find out the truth about his father. His search leads him to the mystery ship "Asuncion", commanded by Ingio de Costa, an unscrupulous man with a hand for evil. The latter is also trying to get his hands on the fair Consuelo (Anna Maria Sandri), daughter of the governor of Cadiz.  Co-stars Maxwell Reed, Juan De Landa, Sergio Fantoni, and Paola Barbara.  Directed by Primo Zeglio.  Dubbed in Italian, with no subtitles.