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Gunsmoke (1955)



"Gunsmoke" is simply the best television series ever and is obviously the most successful. It ran for twenty years (from 1955-1975) and had over six hundred episodes, some in black-in-white (1955-1966) and the rest in color (1966-1975). There are several reasons to why "Gunsmoke" was so successful. First of all, it had great actors. James Arness, Dennis Weaver, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, Ken Curtis, Buck Taylor, Burt Reynolds, and the others added to the greatness of this series. And we saw several familiar faces through many guest appearances in the series such as Jeremy Slate (who also starred in True Grit). "Gunsmoke" was also not only a Western, but consisted of action, drama, comedy, and even romance in some episodes.


  1. Skid Row / What the Whiskey Drummer Heard / The Man who Would be Marshal / Liar from Blackhawk / Romeo / Kitty Caught / Dooley Surrenders / The Gentleman


  1. Matt Dillon Must Die / The Colonel


  1. The Pack Rat / The Badge / Blue Heaven


  1. Crooked Mile