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Giants of Thessaly, The (1961, Roland Carey)

Giants of Thessaly, The (1961, Roland Carey)

  Also known as  I Giganti della Tessaglia.  In 1250 BC, Zeus's wrath descends upon the Kingdom of Thessaly, bringing on hoards of cruel, barbarian invaders from the east and violent volcanic eruptions from the surrounding mountainsides. Lava overflows the land and scorches the fields, leaving the populace starving and fearful.To abate Zeus's ire, Jason (Roland Carey), legendary hero-leader of Thessaly, quests for the Golden Fleece. As he seeks this token of the divinely favored, Jason leaves the conniving Adrasto to rule in his absence. However, Adrasto's poisonous ambition mixed with political infighting augers civil war and vengeance from the gods unless Jason can save the threatened city.