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Mod Squad,The†


Each disc has 2-1hr episodes. Total 124 episodes


  1. The teeth of the Baracuda
    Mother of sorrow
  2. Kill gently sweet Jessy
    No more oak leaves for Ernie Holland
  3. A run for the money
    To Linc with love
  4. The Guru
    A short course in war
  5. Connection I
    Connection II
  6. Call back yesterday
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot
  7. Big George
    The thunder makers
  8. Sanctuary
    Can you hear me out there
  9. Who are the keepers, who are the inmates
    ďAĒ is for Annie
  10. The Loser (with David Cassidy)
    Long road home
  11. Welcome to our city
    We spy
  12. Fever
    A bummer for R.J.
  13. See the eagles dying
    A far away place so near
  14. Belinda-End of Miss little bubble gum
  15. Exit the closer
    The poisoned mind

  16. A time for remembering
    Return to darkness, return to light
  17. Never give the fuzz an even brake
    The king of empty cups†††††††††††† ††††††††††

  18. A seat by the window
    The girl in chair nine
  19. Death in high places
    Cry uncle
  20. Home is the streets
    The medicine men
  21. A double for danger
    Is that justice, no itís law
  22. Good times are just memories
    The price of terror
  23. The death of Billy Hannacheck
    Willie poor boy
  24. A place to run, a place to hide in
  25. Death of a nobody
    Whatever happened to Linc Hayes
  26. A town called sincere
    The debt
  27. The exile
    Survival house
  28. You canít tell the players without a programmer
    Hello mother, my name is Julie

  29. Love
    A time to love, a time to cry
  30. The Judas Trap
    Is there anyone left in Santa Paula
  31. Confrontation
    Kicks incorporated
  32. Captain Greer call surgery
    When Smitty comes marching home
  33. Feet of clay
    I am my brotherís keeper
  34. The Sunday drivers
    A reign of guns
  35. A hind of darkness, a hint of light
    Child of sorrow, child of light
  36. Flight Five doesnít answer
    Fear is the bucking horse
  37. The cave
    Outside position
  38. The price of love
    Run Lincoln, run
  39. Donít kill my child
    Sweet child of terror
  40. The deadly sin
    The uptight town
  41. Bad man on campus
    My, what a pretty bus
  42. Find Tara Chapman
    A quiet weekend in the country
  43. In this corner-Sol Albert
    Deal with the devil
  44. A gift for Jenny
    Eye of the beholder
  45. Just ring the bell once
    And a little child shall bleed them

  46. Crime club
    The twain
  47. Scion of death
    And once for my baby. The Healer
    In this corner-Sol Albert (REPEATED IN 43 a)
  48. A time of yacinths
    The healer. Peace now Arlie Blau
    A seat by the window (REPEATED IN 18a)
  49. Shell game
    The loser (with Martin Sheen) Shell game
    Fear is the bucking horse (REPEATED IN 36b) / A hind of darkness, a hint of light (REPEATED IN 35a)
  50. Suffer little children
  51. The sands of anger
    The tangled web
  52. Taps, play it louder
  53. Another final game
    The night holds terror (Introduction by Peggy Lipton)
  54. Yesterdayís ashes
    Put out the welcome mat for death. A time for yacinths
    A bummer for RJ (REPEATED IN 12b)††
  55. The hot, hot car
    The sentinels
  56. My name is Manolette
    Ride the man down
  57. The wild weekend
    An eye for an eye
  58. The song of Willie
    Search and destroy
  59. Welcome to the human race Levi Frazee
    Twinkle, twinkle little starlet
  60. The comeback
    Keep the faith baby
  61. Color of laughter, color of tears
    Peace now-Arlie Blau
  62. Kristie

The made-for-TV movie "The Return of the Mod Squad"

The Documentaries "Mod Squad, the Hollywood Story" and
"Remembering the Mod Squad"