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Queen of Swords, The

Queen of Swords, The

Tessie Santiago stars in this series set in 19th century California as Tessa Alvarado, who masquerades as the avenging Queen of Swords. Tessa, a beautiful young Spanish aristocrat and returns to her California birthplace after the death of her father to find the country in the hands of a military governor who abuses his power, taxing his subjects to the point of starvation. Tessa's idealism is almost destroyed until her dreams reveal her destiny. She will take up arms to avenge her father's death, to protect the weak and punish the unjust - all behind the mask of the Queen of Swords.
Aided by her long-time servant and confidante, Marta, Tessa leads three separate existences. She is Tessa, a young woman who longs for love and normalcy. She's the Queen of Swords, a disguised warrior seeking justice in an unjust world. And lastly, she's Maria Teresa Alvarado, a privileged aristocrat whose pettiness and snobbery hide Tessa's identity as the masked crusader. Her prime enemy is the deadly tryant Colonel Luis Montoya who is dedicated to his quest for wealth and power, and his mercenary, Grisham. Guest stars include Bo Derek and Daisy Fuentes
Cast:  Tessie Santiago  as Maria Teresa (Tessa) Alvarado, The Queen, Paulina Galvez  as Marta, Valentine Pelka as Colonel Luis Ramirez Montoya, Anthony Lemke as Captain Marcus Grisham, Peter Wingfield as Doctor Robert Helm, Elsa Pataky  as Senora Vera Hidalga, Tacho Gonzalez as Don Gaspar Hidalgo

Vol. 1    Destiny
Originally Aired 10/2/2000
              Death To The Queen
Originally Aired 10/9/2000

Vol. 2    Fever
Originally Aired 10/16/2000
Originally Aired 10/23/2000
Vol. 3    The Witness
Originally Aired 10/30/2000
              Duel With A Stranger
Originally Aired 11/6/2000

Vol. 4    Running Wild
Originally Aired 11/13/2000
              Honor Thy Father
Originally Aired 11/20/2000

Vol. 5    The Counterfeit Queen
Originally Aired 1/8/2001
              The Serpent
Originally Aired 1/15/2001

 (Missing ) The Pact
Originally Aired 1/22/2001
(Missing)  The Emissary
Originally Aired 1/29/2001

Vol. 6     Kidnapped
Originally Aired 2/5/2001
               The Uncle
Originally Aired 2/12/2001

Vol. 7     Runaways
Originally Aired 2/19/2001
               The Hanged Man
Originally Aired 4/16/2001

Vol. 8     The Return
Originally Aired 4/23/2001
               The Pretender
Originally Aired 4/30/2001

Vol. 9     Thief
Originally Aired 5/7/2001
               The Dragon
Originally Aired 5/14/2001

Vol. 10   End Of Days
Originally Aired 5/21/2001
Originally Aired 5/28/2001