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Scarlet Pimpernel, The (1999 Richard E. Grant) 


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Scarlet Pimpernel, The (1999 Richard E. Grant)                                                                           THE COMPLETE 2 SEASON SERIES on 5 discs

Dashing, daring and mysterious, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL rescues the aristocratic targets of the bloodthirsty French Revolution with his intricate schemes and courageous feats. Pursued by the scheming Chauvelin, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL dances with death... but never lets it lead! In this television adaptation of  tales of love and double lives, action and derring-do, star Richard Grant (Pret-a-Porter, L.A. Story) as the elusive Pimpernel and Elizabeth McGovern (Wings of the Dove, Ordinary People) as his wife and accomplice.
This complete, collector's set includes BOTH season 1 and season 2 feature-length adventures on high-resolution DVD for the ultimate Pimpernel experience!
Six 90 min episodes

Cast:Richard E Grant as Sir Percy Blakeney, Ronan Vibert as Robespierre, Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Marguerite Blakeney [ Series 1 ],,Martin Shaw as Chauvelin [ Series 1 ], Christopher Fairbank as Furnier [ Series 1 ], Anthony Green as Sir Andrew Ffoulkes [ Series 1 ], Beth Goddard as Suzanne de Tourney, later Lady Suzanne Ffoulkes [ Series 1 ], John McEnery as Sir William Wetherby [ Series 2 ], Gerard Murphy as Planchet, Ron Donachie as Mazzarini , Jonathan Coy as the Prince of Wales, Milton Johns as Fisher

1st Series 1999

  1. "The Scarlet Pimpernel" aka The Scarlet Pimpernel (Book 1)
    gs: Emilia Fox [ Minette Roland ], Pascal Langdale [ Armand St Just ], Dominic Mafham [ James Danby ], Jamie Bamber [ Lord Tony Dewhurst ], Andy de la Tour [ Marquis de St Cyr ], Campbell Morrison [ Thouret ], Diana Payan [ Solange ], Patricia Potter [ Angele St Cyr ], Richard Dempsey [ Comte de Claris de Florian ], Miroslav Taborsky [ Gerbier ], Selina Griffiths [ Sans Culotte leader ]

In 1793, the terror of the French Revolution is at its height, and the guillotines are busy. But a mysterious figure is staging daring rescues, and Citizen Chauvelin, the head of the Central Committee of Surveillance, is determined to discover his true identity, and uses a number of informants, including the popular actress Minette Roland.

  1. "Valentine Gautier" aka "The Scarlet Pimpernel Meets Madame Guillotine"
    gs: Denise Black [ Gabrielle Damiens ], James Callis [ Henri ], Peter Jeffrey [ Marquis de Rochambeau ], Julie Cox [ Helene de Rochambeau ], Robert Langdon-Lloyd [ Father Joseph ], Robert Perkins [ Vanel ], Alex Norton [ Carnot ], Edith MacArthur [ Mother Superior ]

The Scarlet Pimpernel is called upon to track down Helene , the daughter of the Marquis de Rochambeau. In his search he has to use all his powers to thwart the zeal of Gabrielle Damiens, called Madamoiselle Guillotine because of her keenness to execute the aristocracy.

  1. "The King's Ransom" aka "The Scarlet Pimpernel and the Kidnapped King"
    gs: Suzanne Bertish [ La Touraine ], Jerome Willis [ Baron Valdemar ], Sarah Berger [ Madame Jouvin ], Dalibor Sipek [ Dauphin ], Stuart Fox [ Monsieur Jouvin ], Winter Uhlarik [ Cecile ], Bryce Engstrom [ Gaston ], Karel Roden [ Figaro ], Jiri Hanak [ Felix ], Dan Rous [ Committee Member #1 ], Pavel Chalupa [ Committee Member #2 ], Robert Carruthers [ English gentleman ], Nancy Bishop [ English lady ], Robert Orr [ Man in audience ], Mike Cella [ Executioner ], Philip Fox [ Auctioneer ], Stephen Churchett [ Doorman ], Jiri Knot [ Valdemar's servant (uncredited) ]

In May 1794 at an orphanage outside Paris, the Dauphin, the son of the murdered King of France, is being taught the ways of the new country, until he is kidnapped by someone wearing a blood-red mask. Following a huge row with Sir Percy, Lady Marguerite goes back to her native France, into the clutches of Chauvelin. Hearing of the Dauphin's disappearance, Sir Percy decides to investigate.

2nd Series 2000

  1. "Ennui"
    gs: Stuart Bunce [ Philippe Lispard ], Bhasker Patel [ Khalid ], Nicholas Gecks [ Auguste Didier ], Harry Meacher [ Count de Martignac ], Gillian Cally [ Countess de Martignac ], Steve Spiers [ Sergeant Bibot ], Osheen Jones [ Arnauld ], Peter Russell [ Administrator ], Mandy More [ Mrs Tanner ], Ben Lemell [ Assassin ], Clare McCarron [ Woman ], Caroline Hayes [ Maid ], Bill Stewart [ Jean Claude ], Jim Sturgess [ Erik ], Frank Baker [ Chairman ]

The Pimpernel's fortunes seem to be slipping when he rescues a woman who does not wish to be saved, and his wife dies in childbirth. He is smuggled into Paris to rescue the de Martignacs from the Concierge.

  1. "Friends and Enemies"
    gs: Anton Lesser [ Antoine Picard ], Joanna Roth [ Francoise Picard ], Jim Carter [ La Forge ], Simon Williams [ Henry Cavendish ], David Birkin [ Bertrand ], Matthew Gravelle [ Joseph Turner ], Kuba Schwarz [ Head guard ]

A bomb spells trouble for its inventor, Antoine Picard. Can his sister and the Pimpernel rescue the brilliant French scientist from the guillotine, despite the presence of an informer in the League's midst?

  1. "A Good Name"
    gs: Caroline Carver [ Claudette de Bridoire ], Mark Umbers [ Lord Sidney ], Danny Webb [ Libersac ], Samantha Beckinsale [ Nana ], Simon Kunz [ Nodues ], Jonty Stephens [ Dutton ], Rob Heyland [ Sailor ], Hugh Dickson [ Old man prisoner ], Frank Rozelaar Green [ Prison sergeant ], Keith Newby [ Guard at gate ], Nicholas Haverson [ Young guard ]

The Pimpernel's true identity is threatened with exposure when a foppish young aristocrat is mistaken for Sir Percy.