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Sharpe's   (Sean Bean)

THE COMPLETE epic of the British "chosen" riflemen in Spain, during the Napolen wars, on 14 discs.


Sharpe's                                                                                                                              THE COMPLETE epic of the British "chosen" riflemen in Spain, during the Napolen wars, on 14 discs

This British TV show was set during the Napoleonic Wars and starred Sean Bean as Major Richard Sharpe, a daring British officer. Five episodes from the show are included here. "Sharpe's Gold" - Gold, guns and greed find Major Richard Sharpe once again in mortal danger deep behind enemy lines. While searching for a stash of hidden Aztec gold, Sharpe gets tangled up with some ruthless gun traders, a fierce partisan leader, and a beautiful young Irish girl. "Sharpe's Battle" - British officer Richard Sharpe is charged with preparing the Royal Irish Company, a largely ceremonial outfit led by Lord Kiely, for their first battle. Sharpe, whose orders are to make their lives miserable, finds an unlikely assistant in Lord Kiely's wife, who asks a personal favor of Sharpe in return. As the troops get ready to take on the French, one of Napoleon's spies infiltrates the ranks and disseminates an incendiary rumor. "Sharpe's Sword" - Deep behind enemy lines, Sharpe comes up against Colonel Leroux, the best swordsman in the entire French army, handpicked by "Bony" to take down Britain's top spy, El Mirador. Along the way, Sharpe befriends a beautiful mute who becomes an invaluable ally. "Sharpe's Regiment" - Major Richard Sharpe, busy fighting Napoleon's French army, has problems when his regiment begins to run low on men, so he travels to England for reserve recruits. When he arrives he learns of a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of government, selling soldiers to the highest bidders. Sharpe goes undercover to learn the truth of the bribery and corruption, while maintaining romances with a pair of beautiful ladies. "Sharpe's Siege" - Major Richard Sharpe takes time out from fighting Napoleon's French to get married to his new beloved, Jane. But scarcely have the couple been married than Sharpe is ordered to attack a well-defended French fort in the Pyrenees Mountains. While Sharpe's siege continues, his new wife hovers near death from fever.


  • Sharpe's Rifles - Portugal, 1809 (broadcast 1993)
  • Sharpe's Eagle - Spain, 1809 (broadcast 1993)
  • Sharpe's Company - Spain, 1812 (broadcast 1994)
  • Sharpe's Enemy - Portugal, 1813 (broadcast 1994)
  • Sharpe's Honour - Spain, 1813 (broadcast 1994)
  • Sharpe's Gold - Spain, 1813 (broadcast 1995)
  • Sharpe's Battle - Pyrennees, 1813 (broadcast 1995)
  • Sharpe's Sword - Franco-Spanish border, 1813 (broadcast 1995)
  • Sharpe's Regiment - Britain, 1813 (broadcast 1996)
  • Sharpe's Siege - France, 1813 (broadcast 1996)
  • Sharpe's Mission - France, 1813 (broadcast 1996)
  • Sharpe's Revenge - France, 1814 (broadcast 1997)
  • Sharpe's Justice - Britain, 1814 (broadcast 1997)
  • Sharpe's Waterloo - Waterloo, 1815 (broadcast 1997)