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Sign of Zorro, The (1958/ U.S.A. Guy Williams)

Sign of Zorro, The (1958/ U.S.A. Guy Williams)
During the 1950's, there was only one way to see Zorro: on Disney television. Tyrone Power's classic, the Republic serials and Fairbank's original had not yet been restored. Guy Williams's dashing smile, the clever servant Bernado, the hilarious moron Sargent Garicia, and the image of Zorro rearing on his horse Tornado were in the minds of many during the 50's.
Diego de la Vega (Guy Williams) is ordered home by his father Alejandro (George Lewis). The top fencer in Madrid, Diego abandons his former life and plays a poet, while his friend and servant, the mute Bernado (Gene Sheldon) plays the deaf dummy.
Upon arriving in California, Diego meets the tyrant, the commandante Capitan Monastario (Britt Lomond) and the innocent fool Sargent Garcia (Henry Calvin). He also learns his neighbor has been arrested and ready for hanging. From his father, he learns that the peons and ranchos are taxed to poverty. Unfortunately, to live up to his new life, Diego reluctantly refuses the take action with his father. But in secret, he rides alone as the fox, Zorro. After bringing his intelligent horse Tornado back home and designing his disguise, Zorro rides to free the people of the pueblo de Los Angeles from Monastario's evil rein