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Time Tunnel, The 


Time Tunnel, The                                                                                                       THE COMPLETE SERIES on 10 discs

Time was indeed of the essence in Irwin Allen's fondly remembered 1966-67 sci-fi series. James Darren and Robert Colbert starred as Tony Newman and Doug Phillips, scientists with a secret government program whose experiments sent them "helplessly toward a new fantastic adventure somewhere along the infinite corridors of time." During a demonstration of their prototype for a time travel portal, Tony impulsively tries it out, landing on the Titanic just before it sinks. Volume 1 includes many of the show's best episodes!

Cast:  James Darren as Dr. Tony Newman, Robert Colbert as Dr. Doug Philips, Lee Meriwether as Dr. Ann MacGregor, Whit Bissel as General Heywood Kirk,  John Zaremba as Dr. Raymond Swain, Wesley Lau as Sergeant Jiggs, Sam Groom as Jerry

  9 Sep 66   Rendezvous with Yesterday
16 Sep 66   One Way to the Moon
23 Sep 66   End of the World
30 Sep 66   The Day the Sky Fell In
  7 Oct 66   The Last Patrol
14 Oct 66   Crack of Doom
21 Oct 66   Revenge of the Gods
28 Oct 66   Massacre
11 Nov 66   Devil's Island
18 Nov 66   Reign of Terror
25 Nov 66   Secret Weapon
  2 Dec 66   The Death Trap
  9 Dec 66   The Alamo
 16 Dec 66   Night of the Long Knives
 23 Dec 66   Invasion
 30 Dec 66   The Revenge of Robin Hood
   6 Jan 67   Kill Two by Two
 13 Jan 67   Visitors from Beyond the Stars
 20 Jan 67   The Ghost of Nero
 27 Jan 67   The Walls of Jericho
   3 Feb 67   Idol of Death
 10 Feb 67   Billy the Kid
 17 Feb 67   Pirates of Deadman's Island
 24 Feb 67   Chase Through Time
   3 Mar 67   The Death Merchant
 10 Mar 67   Attack of the Barbarians
 17 Mar 67   Merlin the Magician
 24 Mar 67   The Kidnappers
 31 Mar 67   Raiders from Outer Space
   7 Apr 67   Town of Terror