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Tintin and the Blue Oranges (1964, Jean Pierre Talbot, Jean Bouise)

Tintin and the Blue Oranges (1964, Jean Pierre Talbot, Jean Bouise)

Calculus receives a package from Professor Zalamea, a Spanish scientist, containing a blue orange. There is no letter or card with the parcel, but Calculus remembers that the Professor has been working on the adaptation of plants to desert soils. That evening, Haddock tries to see what Calculus’ reaction will be if he asks Nestor to bring the orange in to eat. The result is not exactly what he expected – the orange is luminous in the dark! Later that night, two men try to break into the house. Thankfully, Snowy alerts Tintin, who in turn wakes the rest of the house, all except Professor Calculus! Unfortunately, the Captain trips on a step and the intruders manage to escape. They discover that the blue orange has been stolen. Haddock breaks the news to the Professor the next morning, who is overcome with distress. The Captain tries to reassure him, but Tintin believes that if the intruders were so eager to obtain the blue orange, Professor Zalamea may be in grave danger.



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