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91.	Triumph of Robin Hood, The (1963 Don Burnett)

Triumph of Robin Hood, The (1963 Don Burnett)

While returning home from the war, King Richard the Lionhearted is captured by the Germans and held for ransom. While he is being imprisoned, his conniving brother, Prince John, takes control of the regency and plans to oust Richard from the throne. Meanwhile, Robin Hood and his men are trying to collect enough money to get their king back from the Germans. However, the evil sheriff of Nottingham, Baron Elwin, attempts to stop them.  Stars Don Burnett, Gia Scala, Samson Burke, Arturo Dominici, Vincenzo Musolino, and Daniela Igliozzi.  Directed by Umberto Lenzi.  Dubbed in English, with Greek subtitles.